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Portable PA System
TE Co. Ltd. specialized in portable pa system, we spent 3 years in research & development, 1 year in marketing, several times of International Exhibition. At last, we made our own product that's different with others.

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Portable PA System TA-230, a brand new featured PA system derived from the traditional PA system and audio system. It is not only made to be compatible and a platform for you, but also a machine that brings really the enjoyment to you and party.


  1. Portable, compact, lightweight.
  2. 100 watts output, stereo sound performance.
  3. 17 inches LCD, extreme quality.
  4. Audio-visual player, suitable for business presentation, act as teaching media, enjoying movie.
  5. Built-in UHF wireless microphones system with 16 channel handheld wireless microphones.
  6. USB port, connections to major multimedia devices, plus VGA-in port.
  7. Consumer digital AV connections, applicable to use with karaoke machine, video gaming device, and output to match with bigger ambience.



Rated Power Output

100 watts (50W+50W)

AC power Requirements

110 - 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 80W Max.

Frequency Response

50 Hz - 15 kHz

Sensitivity for Microphone

-72 dB +/- 3 dB



Microphones Inputs

Unbalanced, 6.3mm plug

Line Input & Output

RCA plug

Interface Device

Universal Serial Bus (USB) port

Graphic Input



17" LCD

Audio Visual Player

Supports major format



Dimensions (HWD)

85cm x 47cm x 32cm




28 kg.


Achieved domestic and international certification for Consumer Electronics.